PLU # Item Description
21 vanilla soy protein isolated soy protein, vanilla flavor, lecithin
22 garbanzo flour garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
23 organic amaranth organically grown amaranth grain
to prepare: combine 1/2 cup amaranth with 1 cup water or broth. heat to a boil. reduce heat to low, cover, cook for approximately 20-25 minutes, stirring only occassionally. add butter if desired. makes 1 cup.
24 soy protein powder soybeans (defatted)
25 thai jasmine white rice to prepare: combine in a pot with a tight-fitting lid: 1 cup rice with 1 1/2 cups water, 1 tbsp butter (optional) and salt to taste. bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer for 20 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. keep lid on while cooking. remove from heat, let sit for 5 minutes.
26 long grain brown rice nutra-farmed.  to prepare: rinse rice, use 1cup rice to 2 cups water or broth. combine in a pot with a tight-fitting lid. bring to a boil, simmer for 50 minutes. do not remove lid. remove from heat, let sit for 10 minutes.
27 short grain brown rice

nutra-farmed.  to prepare: rinse rice, use 1cup rice to 2 cups water or broth. combine in a pot with a tight-fitting lid. bring to a boil, simmer for 50 minutes. do not remove lid. remove from heat, let sit for 10 minutes..

28 organic long grain brown rice nutra-farmed.  to prepare: rinse rice, use 1 cup rice to 2 cups water or broth. combine in a pot with a tight-fitting lid. bring to a boil, simmer for 50 minutes. do not remove lid. remove from heat, let sit for 10 minutes..
29 organic short grain brown rice nutra-farmed.  to prepare: rinse rice, use 1 cup rice to 2 cups water or broth. combine in a pot with a tight-fitting lid. bring to a boil, simmer for 50 minutes. do not remove lid. remove from heat, let sit for 10 minutes..
30 sesame chips sesame tortilla chips
31 pico de gallo chips pico de gallo tortilla chips
32 organic rye flakes organic whole grain rye, flaked
to prepare 1 serving: 1 cup water, 1/3 cup cereal, dash salt. boil water. slowly stir in rye flakes. simmer for about 20 minutes or until water is absorbed. add honey, nuts, raisins, seeds or seasonings.
33 organic brown basmati & wild rice blend to prepare: rinse rice. combine 2-1/4 cups water and 1 cup rice in a pot with a tight-fitting lid. bring to boil, stir once, simmer for 40-50 minutes.
34 falafel mix INGREDIENTS: Garbanzo Bean Flour, Yellow Pea Flour, Spices (cumin, coriander, parsley, allspice, turmeric, black pepper, red pepper, ginger, nutmeg) Green Pea Flour, Dried Onion, Sea Salt, Potato Flakes, Non-GMO Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Non-GMO Soy Sauce Powder (Wheat, Soybeans, Salt) Dried Garlic, Yeast Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rosemary Extract. Contains Wheat and Soy.
COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: In a large bowl, add 1-1/4 cups water to 1-3/4 cups Falafel Mix and stir well. Let stand for 15 minutes to absorb the water.  Form into 1" balls.  Pour vegetable oil into deep skillet until it is 1/2" deep. Heat until 375F. Fry balls until brown and crisp (about 3 minutes.) Remove from skillet. Use paper towels to blot any excess oil and serve.
35 organic wheat flakes
36 tuxedo ties Ingrediants: Semolina Flour, Spinach Powder, Beet Powder, Bell Pepper, Tomoto Powder (Optional).
37 nutty rice cereal
38 red quinoa
39 chili mix
40 canola oil
41 olive oil
42 safflower oil
43 sesame oil
44 oat flour
45 black forbidden rice
46 organic wild rice Ingredients: Organically Grown Wild Rice.

Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale, CA
47 bulgar pilaf
48 organic brown sesame seed
49 yellow popcorn
50 organic rye flour
51 smoked almoinds
52 organic whole wheat bread flour
53 organic yelllow corn meal
54 wheat germ
55 polenta cornmeal
56 organic rolled oats
57 cranberry cluster flakes
58 9-grain cereal
59 organic 6-grain cereal
60 organic flame raisins
61 organic thompson raisins, 30 lbs
62 organic thompson raisins
63 golden raisins
64 hulled millet
65 fructose
66 veggie bacon bits
67 triticale flakes
68 medium shredded coconut
69 organic spelt pasta
70 golden rose brown rice Ingredient: Organic Golden Rose Medium Grain Brown Rice.

Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale, CA.
71 nutritional yeast
72 organic super nutty granola
73 brewer's yeast
74 tahini
75 almond butter
77 peanuts
78 organic hot 'n creamy rice cereal
79 organic walnuts
80 slivered almonds
81 nature burger mix INGREDIENTS:  Brown Rice, Pearled Barley Flakes, Sesame seeds, Organic Bulgar Wheat, Rolled Oats, Soy Sauce Powder (wheat, soybeans, salt) Soy Flour, Yellow Pea Flour, Wheat Gluten, Dried Onion, Green Pea Flour, Whole White Wheat, Potato Flakes, Nutritional Yeast (dried yeast, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, vitamin b12) Dried Garlic, Expeller-pressed Canola Oil, Tomato Powder, Yeast Extract, Celery Powder, Spices (mustard, black pepper, paprika), Sea Salt, Dried Carrots, Red Bell Pepper Powder.  Contains Soy and Wheat.
COOKING DIRECTIONS: (For 3-3" patties)
1- In a mixing bowl, combine 3/4 cup Nature Burger Mix with 3/4 cup boiling water.
Stir Well.
2- Let mixture stand for 10 to 15 minutes until it has cooled and become stiff.
3- Form into thin patties (1/2" thick and about 3" in diameter).
4- Pan-fry on medium heat in nonstick pan (butter or vegetable oil optional). Turn frequently until browned on both sides. Enjoy!

82 sunflower seeds, shelled
83 organic azuki beans
84 organic kidney beans
85 organic green lentils
86 organic lima beans
87 organic pistachios, roasted & salted
88 organic pinto beans
89 organic green split peas
90 honey cranberry granola
91 7th heaven organic trail mix
92 organic sweet brown rice
93 organic hit the trail mix Ingredients: Organic Raisins, Organic Roasted Peanuts, Organic Roasted Almonds, Organic Cashews,Organic Tamari Shoyu Sauce (Water, Organic Wheat, Organic Soybeans, Salt). Processed in a facility which uses peanuts and other nuts.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
94 organic rye berries
95 sea salt
96 gourmet granola
97 wasabi peas
98 chocolate nut crunch granola
99 organic spelt flour
100 tvp strips
101 organic multigrain pancake & waffle mix
102 cranberry granola
103 organic germinated brown rice TruRoots sprouts our Organic brown rice, resulting in brain-boosting health benefits and reduced cooking time. The resulting rice, known as GABA rice, is rich in fiber, B-vitamins, minerals and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)- an important neurotransmitter that appears to regulate anxiety, sleep, the immune system, and fat metabolism. Convenetent and easy to prepare, TruRoots Organic Germinated Brown Rice cooks in half the time of regular brown rice. Origin USA, Livermore, CA.
104 black japonica rice
105 Blueberryand Cream granola Ingredients:Expeller Presseed Canola Oil, Freeze Dried Blueberries, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Oat Bran, Soy Milk Powder 

Breadshop's Natural Foods, CA.
106 organic blueberry almond granola Ingredients: Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Evaportaed Cane Juice, Organic Expelled Pressed Canola Oil, Organic Raisins, Organic Apples, Organic Almonds, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Bluberries , Organic Sunflower Seeds, Certified Organic by QAI. Processed in a facility which uses tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat, milk. 

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
107 honey gone nuts granola Ingredients: Rolled Oats, Honey, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Walnuts, Oat Bran, Sesame Seeds, Cashews.

108 calypso crunch granola
109 oriental party mix
110 omega 3 men's energy mix
111 hummus dip mix INGREDIENTS: Garbanzo Bean Flour, Sesame Tahini, Dried Garlic, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spices (cumin, chili pepper, white pepper) Sea Salt, Lemon Juice Powder (corn syrup solids, natural flavor) Citric Acid, Expeller-Pressed Toasted Sesame Oil, Lemon oil, Rosemary Extract.
COOKING DIRECTIONS: Place 1 cup Hummus Mix in a bowl. Add 1-1/2 cups warm water and 3 Tbsp of olive oil. Stir until evenly blended with a wisk or fork. Chill mixture for 5 minutes and serve.
SERVING SUGGESTION - Kick it up a notch by adding a little powdered spice like garlic, chili powder or curry!  Also fresh lemon or basil make this more exciting. Enjoy!
112 organic semolina rigatoni
113 organic bulgar (cracked wheat)
114 wasabi party mix
116 organic oat bran
117 organic quick oats
118 raw pistachio kernels
119 lemon lime sunflower seeds
125 whole wheat penne
126 water by gallon
127 coral gardens pasta
128 butter toffee peanuts Ingredients: Sugar, Peanuts, Butter, Salt.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
129 dog biscuits, bulk
130 butter toffee pecans Ingredients: Pecans, Sugar, Butter (Sweet Cream, Salt, Annatto Color added seasonally), Salt. Processed in a facility that uses peanuts and other nuts.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz CA.
131 regular salted tortilla chips
132 whole wheat fetteccini
133 Sea Shells (Semolina) Ingredients: Organic durum wheat semolina.

Natural Value, Sacramento CA.
134 curry lentil soup mix INGREDIENTS: precooked lentils, sea salt, curry spices and herbs, onions, garlic.
COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: In sauce pan, bring water to a boil, then add soup mix. Simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, stir, serve, and Enjoy!
SERVING SIZE: 1/2 cup water and dry mix per serving desired.
135 magic muesli
136 lite muesli
137 omega trail mix
138 organic raspberry muesli
139 4-grain cereal
140 organic crispy brown rice cereal
141 oat cuisine oil-free granola
142 organic wheat farina
143 arborio rice Ingredients: Organic California Arborio White Rice.

Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale, CA
144 tvp
145 organic anasazi beans
146 organic wheat bran
147 apple cinnamon granola, vegan
148 coconut toffee peanuts Ingredients: Sugar, Peanuts, Coconut, Salt. (Processed in a facility which uses peanuts and other nuts).

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
149 organic soy flour
150 organic strawberry dawn granola Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Buckwheat, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Raisins, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Organic Ground Flax Seed, Organic Sprouted Walnuts, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Dried Coconut, and Mineral Salt. 1% of sales donated to the UN'S World Food Program. Contains tree nuts (walnuts).

Kaia Foods, Oakland, CA.
151 organic semolina flour
152 organic buckwheat flour
153 organic barley flour
154 organic brown rice flour
155 raspberry 'n cream granola Ingredients: Oats, Chicory Root Syrup, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Freeze- Dried Raspberries, Oat Syrup, Oat Bran, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Soy Milk Powder, Natural Vitamin E, Ascorbic Acid (for freshness). May contain trace amounts of peanuts or other nuts. 
156 wheat gluten flour
157 organic quinoa
158 organic yellow split peas
159 organic strawberry raspberry granola
160 island vibes tropical granola, vegan
161 organic pumpkin flax plus granola
162 organic tabouli mix
163 organic buckwheat groats (kasha)
164 new england granola
165 organic french couscous
166 organic hard red wheat berries
167 organic whole wheat couscous
168 hummus mix
169 pagoda gardens pasta
170 sucanet Ingredient: All Natural Granulated Evaporated Cane Juice.
171 nutritional yeast, large flake
172 eggs, cage free, single
173 eggs, cage free, 1/2 dozen
174 eggs, cage free, dozen
175 eggs, flat
176 coffee
177 coffee, decaf
178 coconut sugar crystal Ingredients: Organic evaporated coconut palm nectar. Earth Cirle Organics' coconut sugar is 100% natural, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It is USDA Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. 

Earth Circle Organics, Grass Valley, CA.
179 tvp, non gmo
180 organic low fat apple cinnamon granola
181 apricot tango fruit roll log
182 dates coconut roll, org
183 raisins, org 30 lbs red
184 date pieces, org
185 dates, org honey
186 dates, org med
187 organic raw cashews
190 organic black beans
191 organic red lentils
192 organic garbanzo beans
193 sesame stix
194 organic vanilla macaroon granola
195 pumpkin seeds, dry roasted & salted
196 organic gingersnap granola
197 coconut almond granola, vegan
198 organic raw pumpkin seeds
199 organic spelt
200 split pea soup mix (precooked vegetarian) Ingredients: Processed Green Split Peas, Carrots, Sea Salt, Onions, Garlic, Herbs and Spices.

To Prepare: Pour boiling water over flakes, let sit for 5 min, 1 serving: 1/2 cup flakes to 2/3 cup water. 2 Servings: 1 cup flakes to 1 1/4 cups water.
516 senna leaf
517 avena dream tea
518 "root 66" tea
519 skullcap
520 slippery elm bark powder
521 organic spearmint
522 spike
523 organic st. johns wort
524 star anise
525 stevia leaf
526 stevia leaf powder
527 chipotle chili powder
528 tapioca
529 organic tapioca flour
530 organic tarragon
532 organic thyme
533 organic turmeric
534 uva ursi
535 organic valerian root
536 valerian root powder
537 vanilla beans
538 vegetable blend
539 vegetable broth, no salt
540 wakame
541 white pepper powder
542 xantham gum
543 yarrow
544 yeast
545 yellowdock root
546 raw peanuts
547 inca coffee substitute Ingredients: Rye, barley, beets, and chicory root.

Direction: Put 1-2 teaspoonsfuls of INKA into a cup. Add milk or sugar to taste.
548 walnut pieces
549 schisandra berry
550 organic ceylon tea
552 ginger pecan granola
559 licorice spice tea
560 celtic sea salt, coarse
561 celtic sea salt, fine
579 organic filberts
580 raw macadamia nuts
581 pecan pieces
582 macdamia nuts, dry roasted & salted
583 organic raw macadamia nuts
584 organic goji berries
585 laundry soap
587 organic quinoa flour
588 dried pluots
589 unsulphured pineapple
590 unsulphured papaya
591 organic oat groats
592 maple almond granola, vegan
593 organic acai apple granola
594 organic kamut berries
595 crystallized ginger
596 organic magic muesli
597 white sugar
598 organic millet flour
599 turbinado sugar
601 organic wild mountain blueberry granola
602 organic whole wheat spaghetti
603 organic semolina spaghetti
604 sticky rice
605 israeli couscous
606 organic mung beans
607 semolina elbows
608 corn elbows
609 tinkyada pasta
610 organic rainbow shells
611 organic rainbow spirals
612 organic sesame sticks
613 brown rice spirals
614 organic penne pasta
615 pagodas
616 organic brown rice ribbons
617 organic wizard pasta
618 organic raspberry crunch granola
619 organic udon pasta
620 garlic basil fettuccini
621 organic pearled barley
622 soy chicken fillet
623 organic rainbow orzo Ingrediants: Organic Durum Semolina, Red Bell Peppers, Spinach Beet. 
624 organic tahitian vanilla granola Ingredients: Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Raisins, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Almonds, Organic Golden Flax Seeds,Organic Walnuts, Organic Coconut, Organic Vanilla . Processed in a facility which uses peanuts and other nuts.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
625 organic rainbow bell pasta
626 quinoa corn elbows Ingredients: Corn Flour, Quinoa Flour. 

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz.
627 echinacea augus root
628 organic buckwheat soba noodles
629 berries & chocolate mix
630 organic currants
631 organic red quinoa
632 organic white pastry flour
633 whole wheat pasta
634 organic spelt flakes
635 organic rooibos
636 organic sunflower seeds, unhulled
637 evol vegan dog food
638 whole wheat elbows
639 organic steel cut oats
640 red wine vinegar
641 champagne vinegar
642 organic apple cider vinegar
643 organic soy oil
644 peanut oil
645 corn oil
646 oranic divine granola
647 organic low fat berrry granola Ingredients: Organic Rolled Oats , Organic Rolled Rye, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Maple Syrup , Freeze-Dried Berries ( Strawberries, Blackberries, Bluberries), Apples Powder.

Wildtime Foods, Eugene, OR.
648 organic calypso crunch granola
649 cayenne powder 90k
650 agar agar powder
651 organic alfalfa leaf
652 organic alfalfa seed
653 organic allspice powder
654 wasabi tamari almonds
655 organic cranberry orange granola
656 organic anise seed
657 apple pie spice Ingredients: Cinnamon, fenugreek, lemon peel, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. 

Suggested Uses
: Add to puddings, fruit crisps, cobblers or cakes.
658 apricot tea
659 arame
660 arrowroot powder
661 assam tea
662 astragulus root
663 baking powder
664 baking soda
665 organic basil leaf
666 organic bay leaf
667 beef-like broth
668 beet root powder
669 bentonite clay powder
670 black cohosh
671 black currant tea
672 goose berries
673 organic burdock root
674 organic cajun seasoning Ingredients: Paprika, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, marjoram, thyme, fennel,cumin, and red pepper (cayenne)

Suggested Uses:  Adds Lousiana flavor to rice, beans and meat dishes.
675 calendula flower
676 organic caraway seed
677 cardamon powder
678 organic cardamon pods
679 cardamon seed
680 carribean dreams
681 cascara sagrada
682 organic catnip leaf
682 organic catnip leaf
683 organic cayenne powder 35 hu
684 organic celery seed
685 ceylon orange pekoe tea
686 chai blend
687 organic chamomile
688 chaparral leaf
689 organic cajun spice
690 chaste tree berry
691 chia seed
692 chicken-like broth
693 organic chicory root
694 chili powder
695 organic chili powder
696 organic chiles, crushed
697 chinese 5 spice
698 chives
699 sweet corn chowder INGREDIENTS:  precooked yellow peas, sweet corn, carrots, onions, sea salt, black pepper, parsley.
COOKING INSTRUCTIONS:  In a sauce pan, bring water to a boil, then add soup mix.  Simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, stir, serve, and Enjoy!
  1  SERVING    =   1/2 cup  SOUP MIX     +     3/4 cup      BOILING WATER
 2 SERVINGS   =    1    cup  SOUP MIX     +    1/2 cup  BOILING WATER
 3 SERVINGS   =   2  cups   SOUP MIX     +       3   cups    BOILING WATER  

700 unsulphured nectarines
701 chocolate apricots
702 chocolate almond clusters
703 maocha marble crunch granola
704 whole wheat honey fig bar
705 chocolate peanut butter cups
706 carob peanut clusters
707 peanut chocolate sundrops
708 chocolate sundrops
709 chocolate almonds
710 chocolate peanuts
711 chocolate raisins
712 wild berry bars
713 galaxy mix
714 women's vitality mix
715 wild ginger harvest Ingredients: Chocoalte Xhips ( Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Lecithin, Salt, Natural Vanilla), Ginger (Ginger, Sugar), Tamari Almonds ( Almonds, Tamari Shoyu [ Water, Wheat, Soybeans, Salt), Cranberries ( Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil) *Papaya (Juice Sweetened), Apricots,, *May contain Fructose. (May contain traces of peanuts and meats.)

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
716 chocolate cherries
717 carob almonds, unsweetened
718 sesame crunch
719 organic dried mango
720 organic chocolate toffee almonds
721 organic sunnybears
722 malt balls, key lime
723 organic banana chips
724 peanut butter pretzels
725 dark chocolate covered almonds
726 flatbread
727 organic corkscrew pasta Ingredients: 100% Third Party Certified Organically Grown Durum Semolina Flour (Wheat), Beet, Spinach, Tomato.Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Food Act of 1990. 
728 bragg's liquid aminos
730 organic green tea chai
731 grain sweetened chocolate chips
732 grain sweetened vegan carob chips
733 blackstrap molasses
734 unsweetened carob chips
736 raspberry yogurt pretzels
737 milk chocolate maltballs
738 barley malt syrup
739 non-gmo beet juice
740 yogurt almonds
741 yogurt raisins
742 jolly beans
744 chocolate english toffee
745 organic chocolate pecan caramels
746 chocolate covered ginger
747 pure vanilla extract
748 organic chocolate espresso beans
749 unsweetened carob raisins
752 carob energy nuggets
753 organic black eyed peas
754 organic sunny bears
755 organic navy beans
756 organic french green lentils
757 organic great northern beans
758 organic sushi rice
759 organic white basmati rice
760 organic brown basmati rice
761 organic jasmine rice Ingredient: 100% Organic Long Grain White Jasmine Rice (contains a thin layer of bran fiber). 
762 organic wehani rice
763 organic oat groats
764 chana dal
765 mung dal
766 honey roasted nut & fruit trail mix Ingredients: Raisins, Honey, Roast Mixed Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Sucrose,Honey, Wheat Starch, Expeller Pressed High Monosaturated Safflower and/or Sunflower Oil, Malto-Dextrin, Lactose, Salt), Milk Chocolate Stars (Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Unsweetened Chocolate, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla), Pineapple Dices.

Kettle Foods, Inc, Salem, OR.
767 organic brown jasmine rice
768 organic pink beans
770 organic multigrain flakes
771 spelt sesame sticks
773 blue chips
775 organic swiss muesli
776 hawaiian papaya
779 whole osha root
780 black licorice scotties
786 black licorice chews
787 organic dark chocolate almonds
789 chocolate pretzels
790 cashew butter krinkles
791 almond butter krinkles
792 yogurt pretzels
794 cherry vanilla dream granola
795 eyebright herb
798 kamut flakes
799 brown sugar
800 raspberry licorice hearts
801 organic mystic mango muesli
802 organic apricots
803 organic cilantro
804 cinnamon chips
805 organic cinnamon powder
806 organic cinnamon sticks
807 organic clove powder
808 whole cloves
809 organic cornstarch
810 coltsfoot leaf
811 comfrey leaf
812 organic comfrey root
813 organic feverfew
814 organic coriander powder
815 organic coriander seed
816 cramp bark
817 cream of tartar
818 organic cumin powder
819 organic cumin seed
820 organic curry powder
821 damiana leaf powder
822 organic dandelion root
823 roasted dandelion root
824 darjeeling tea
825 dong quai root, whole
826 good feeling tea
827 dill seed
828 organic dill weed
829 dong quai root powder
830 organic dulse
831 dulse flakes
832 earl grey tea
833 earl grey decaf tea
834 egg replacer Ingredients: Potato Starch, Tapioca flour, leavening ( calcium lactate, calcuim carbonate, citric acid), and cellulose gum. 
Calcuim Lactate is not a dairy derived. It does not contain lactose.

Instructions for use: 1  1/2 teaspoons egg replacer plus 2 teaspoons warm water equals one egg. Mix throughly before adding the recipe.
835 elder flower
836 love your life tea
837 english breakfast tea
839 Himalayan Pink Salt- medium grind

Aisle 3.

Our "Buddha" salt lends a crisp zesty taste to your beautiful food and enlivens your beautiful body with 84 collodial minerals, as pure as the day it was created 250 million years ago. Our Himalayan salt's whole crystal structure and readily available nutrients resonate with your bodies biochemisty. Bring this Himalayan Diamond Crystal salt to your table.

840 fasting tea
841 relax & digest tea
842 organic fennel seed
843 organic fenugreek seed
848 foti
849 14 herb tea
850 organic french vanilla almond granola Ingredients: Whole Rolled Oats, Milled Canes Sugar, Vegetable Oil,(Canola and/or Sunflower and/or Safflower). Rice Flour, Corn starch, Almonds, Honey, Salt, Natural Flavor, Barley Malt, Syrup, Cardemon Seed, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, and Nutmeg. ( May contain wheat, soy, tree nuts, and milk).

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
851 frankincense
853 organic garam masala
854 organic garlic granules
855 organic minced garlic
856 organic garlic powder
857 gel caps, non-veg
858 gel caps, veg
859 organic ginger powder
860 ginger root
861 gota kola
862 green hyson tea
863 guar gum powder
864 gunpowder green tea
865 hawthorn berry powder
867 organic hibiscus
868 hibiscus punch tea
869 hijiki
870 hops
871 organic bancha tea
872 indian spice tea
873 irish breakfast tea
874 italian seasoning
875 jasmine tea
876 juniper berries
877 kava kava root powder
878 kelp granules
879 kelp/kombu whole
880 organic kukicha twig
881 organic kuzu
882 lapsang souchong tea
883 organic lavender flower Ingredients: Organic Lavender Flowersm (Lavandula angustifolia Mill).

Origin: France

Allergen Alert:
Processed in a facility that handles milk, wheat, soybeans, eggs and tree nuts.
884 organic lemongrass
885 lemon mint
886 lemon pepper
887 get smart tea
888 licorice mint
889 redwood chai
890 organic licorice root To Prepare as a tea, add 1-2 teaspoons of herb to 8oz. water in a pot.Cover and simmer 15-30 minutes, strain and serve immediately.
891 licorice stick
892 lilac/lavender potpourri
893 organic herb d prov
894 Cacao Nibs - Organic & Fair Trade Certified

Aisle 3

Botanical Name: Theobroma caco

Product Notes: The nibs are made by roasting and breaking the cacao beans into its naturally grown segments which are about 1 to 3 mm in diameter. The nibs are cleanes and calibrated. They are then to be used in various baking applications as a crunchy color ingredient.

Origin: Peru

895 wiccan women tea
896 love tea blend
897 lychee tea
898 barley malt powder
899 mango tea
901 organic genmaicha
902 raw organic almonds
903 unsulphured mango slices
913 bravo
918 organic dried apples
920 dried unsulphured apricots
921 organic dried bananas
922 organic calimyrna figs
924 dried cranberries, sugar sweetened
925 maple sugar granules
926 marjoram
927 organic marshmallow
928 organic yerba mate
931 organic milk thistle seed
932 mexican seasoning
933 mugwort
934 mullein
935 mulling spices
936 organic brown mustard seed
937 organic yellow mustard seed
938 organic yellow mustard powder
939 mu zest
940 myrrh
941 organic nettle leaf
942 northern blue star tea
943 nutmeg whole
944 nutmeg powder
945 organic oatstraw
946 organic onion flakes
947 organic onion granules
948 organic sencha tea
949 oolong tea
952 yerba mate tea
954 orange spice tea
955 organic oregano
957 organic paprika
958 organic parsley leaf
959 passion flower
960 pau d'arco
961 pennyroyal leaf
962 organic black peppercorn
963 peppercorn blend
964 organic black pepper powder
965 organic peppercorn
966 peppermint
967 pickling spice Ingredients: Coriander, dill seed, mustard seed, bay leaf, cassia, red pepper, and allspice. 
968 pizza seasoning Ingredients: Dehydrated onion, bell pepper, fennel, oregano, dehydrated garlic, basil, chili peppers, parsley, thyme, marjoram, celery flakes.

Suggested Uses: Livens homemade, takeout or frozen pizzas.
969 popcorn seasoning Ingredients: Cheddar cheese powder [cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes, annato extract), buttermilk powder, salt, soy lecithin], white cheddar cheese [ cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), disodium phosphate, salt, lactic acid), dried yeast. Adds a cheesy flavor to popcorn. 
970 poppy seed
972 potato starch
973 poultry seasoning Ingredients: Parsley, sage, onion, garlic, rosemary, thyme, savory and marjoram. 
974 psyllium husk
975 psyllium husk powder
976 psyllium seed
978 pumpkin pie spice Ingredients: Organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cloves, nutmeg, and sea salt. 
980 organic raspberry leaf
981 red clover
983 relaxing tea
984 rosebuds
985 organic rosehips
986 organic rosemary leaf
987 safflower petals
988 organic rubbed sage
989 organic sage leaf
990 white burning sage
991 sandalwood chips
992 sasparilla root
993 sassafrass
994 sausalito spice tea
995 saw palmetto berry powder
996 savory
997 seafood seasoning
999 rock salt
1001 taco seasoning
1002 organic turkish apricots
1003 honey roasted mixed nuts Ingredients: Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, Sucrose, Honey, Wheat Starch, Malto Dextrin, Lactose, Expeller Pressed High Monosaturated Safflower and/or Sunflower Oil, Salt.

Kettle Food, Salem, OR.
1004 dried apricots, sulphured
1005 organic cherry vanilla granola
1006 organic dried pears
1007 organic wide chip coconut
1008 organic hemp plus granola
1009 dried shitake mushroom
1010 camping mix
1011 chocolate holiday stars
1012 carob coconut chews
1013 evolution cat food
1014 soyplus granola
1015 long grain white rice
1016 goldenseal powder
1018 organic gourmet granola
1019 navy bean soup
1020 Silk Road Teas - Jasmine
1021 Silk Road Teas - flowers never fade
1022 Silk Road Teas -Yinhao Jasmine
1023 Silk Road Teas - 3 cup fragrance
1024 Silk Road Teas - drm mtn clouds
1025 Silk Road Teas - Green Mist
1026 Silk Road Teas - Jasmine Pearls
1027 Silk Road Teas - White Peony
1028 Silk Road Teas - Yunnan Gold
1029 Silk Road Teas - Pheonix Bird
1030 Silk Road Teas - Tieguanyin
1031 Silk Road Teas - Darjeeling
1032 Silk Road Teas - Golden Monkey
1033 Silk Road Teas - Pu-erh
1034 Silk Road Teas - Buddhist
1035 Silk Road Teas - Dragon Well
1036 Silk Road Teas- Jade Spring
1037 Silk Road Teas - Spring Blossom
1038 refried pinto beans
1039 instant black beans
1040 urad dal
1041 curry powder
1042 organic soy penne
1057 organic rainforest granola
1058 allspice, whole
1061 Organic Heritage O's Ingredients: Whole oat flour, whole wheat meal, KAMUT khoresan wheat flour, Evaporated cane juice, spelt flour, barley flour, barley malt extract, quinoa flour, millet flour , sea salt, and honey.

Nature's Path Foods, Blaine, WA.
1062 Mountain Rainbow Mix Ingredients: Rainbow Drops (dried cane juice and unsulphered molasses, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, unsweetedned chocolate, lecithin (emulsifier), vanilla, turbinado sugar, Raisins, Virginia Peanuts (roasted in peanut oil), Chocolate Peanuts and Chocolate Chips (whole grain malted barley and corn, choclate liquor with unsweetened chocolate, fractioned palm kernel oil, peanut flour, whey powder, soy lecithin.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
1063 organic black mission figs
1064 organic chocolate chips
1065 organic english breakfast tea
1066 organic black tea
1067 organic earl grey tea
1068 organic gunpowder green tea
1069 organic jasmine green tea
1071 organic whole prunes
1072 dried cranberries, apple juice sweetened
1074 tropical mixed fruit
1075 organic pitted prunes
1076 organic fuyu persimmons
1102 organic amaranth flour
1122 organic flax seeds
1123 organic golden flax seeds
1124 organic soft wheatberries
1127 kamut krisp granola
1128 organic quinoa flakes
1129 organic blue cornmeal
1130 beth's ginger snaps
1131 organic white spelt flour
1132 organic whole wheat spirals
1134 garlic sticks
1135 poppy onion sesame sticks
1136 organic Quinoa Spirals Ingredients: Corn flour, quinoa flour.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
1137 egg noodles
1139 organic unrefined cane sugar
1140 black sesame seeds
1141 organic deluxe trail mix
1142 cranberry jubilee mix Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Papaya, Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil), Raisins, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Apples.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.

1145 treasure trove snack mix
1146 organic soy nuts, roasted & salted Ingredients: Organic Soybeans, " Expeller Pressed Canola Oil (added after roasting), Sea Salt. (may contain traces of peanuts and other nut meats). Certified Organic by QAI.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
1147 vegetable chips
1148 tvp chunks
1149 white rice flour
1150 organic graham flour
1151 beth's chocolate chip cookies
1152 organic cannellini beans
1154 organic red chili beans
1155 masa white corn
1156 fava beans
1163 organic raw sunflower seeds, hulled
1800 spanish peanuts, dry roasted & salted
1802 pecan halves
1803 organic brazill nuts
1804 black pepper cashews Ingredients:Whole Cashews, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Black Pepper. Processed in a facility which uses tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat and milk. 

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
1805 organic tamari roasted sunflower seeds
1806 tamari roasted cashews
1807 organic tamari roasted almonds
1809 jumbo pistachios (Roasted and Salted) Ingredients: Pistachios and Salt.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.
1810 pine nuts
1811 roasted mixed nuts, no salt
1813 organic tamari pumpkin seeds
1814 non gmo tvp
1816 organic almonds, dry roasted
1817 organic cashews, dry roasted
1817 Cashews Whole Dry Roasted - Organic

Aisle 1

Ingredients: Dry Roasted Organic Cashews

1820 roasted & salted mixed nuts
1821 Cashew Pieces (Roasted & Salted) - Organic

Aisle 1

Ingredients: Organic Imported Cashews, Vegetables Oil (may contain one or more of the following oils: Peanunt Oil, Safflower Oil and /or Canola Oil), Salt.


1822 organic raw buckwheat groats
2001 organic roasted unsalted soynuts
2002 cashew pieces
2003 staff of life vegan granola
2004 orange nut oat bran granola
2005 bulk honey
2006 organic 6-grain pancake mix
2007 bulk peanut butter
2008 bulk tamari
2009 clearway tofu
2010 unbleached organic baking flour
2011 raw almonds
2012 raw pumpkin seeds
2013 black bean soup mix INGREDIENTS: preccoked black beans, sea salt, mild red pepper, garlic, herbs, spices, rice vinegar.
COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: In sauce pan, bring water to a boil, then add soup mix. Simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, stir, serve, and Enjoy!
SERVING SIZE: 1/2 cup each water and dry mix per serving desired.
2014 sliced almonds
2015 soy beans
2016 organic white sesame seeds
2017 organic hulled barley
2018 soy milk powder
2019 whole corn
2020 organic barley flakes
2035 Dry Roasted Garlic Peanuts

Aisle 1

Ingredients: Peanuts, garlic powder, salt, lemon oil, and lemon pepper.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.

2048 High Life Delux Mix Fancy Nuts Ingredients: Almonds, raisins, cashews, and walnuts.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz,CA.
2052 Cocono Deluxe Mix with Crunchy Nuts

Ingredients: Raisins, almonds, peanuts ( peanuts, peanut or canola oil, salt), pumpkin seed, cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and pecans.

Sunridge Farms, Santa Cruz, CA.

2054 Tropical Sunshine Exotic Energy Mix Ingredients: Raisins, sunflower seeds, pineapple, dates (dates, oat flour), peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, coconut, apricots, cashew pieces, and bananas. 

Sundridge Farm, Santa Cruz CA.